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What we do

IntuThink specialises in developing high performance creativity for individuals, teams and organisations.

Our courses, programmes and workshops combine artistic activities with theoretical tutorials and creative challenges in a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpting, role-play and improvisation. Each activity gives a different perspective and understanding of how the creative process works, providing an in-depth and complete experience.

Participants learn not only how to harness their own creativity using highly effective tools and techniques, but also how to support and nurture creativity within their teams and organisations.

Living a creative life is about living to your maximum potential, being passionate and dedicated to your work, fulfilling dreams, achieving goals, teamwork, feeling excited about life and living stress free.

Our unique approach works by changing the fundamental way in which we see and react to the world around us. This reshaping of our thinking and behaviour has an extremely powerful effect on every aspect of our lives:

  • Individuals become motivated, enthusiastic and passionate, both at work and in their personal relationships.

  • Teams and individuals develop better vision, imagination and ability to see opportunity.

  • Teams and individuals become good at solving problems, communicating and working with others. They develop team spirit.

  • Individuals inspire others and are inspired by others.

  • Individuals feel more content and fulfilled, less stressed.

IntuThink can train the people in your organisation to become more productive, more creative, more successful.

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