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Gerry Clark brings a wide range of personal skills
and knowledge to the management team. As chairman and managing director of an international corporate communications company he has been responsible for creating a number of highly successful projects aimed at motivating, informing, training and educating the work force.

His experience in the use of creativity in the production of

communications for business clients makes him an ideal member of the IntuThink advisory board. Acting as a specialist consultant he has advised the United Nations, the European Union, the World Bank and various international companies and organisations on ways to improve communications with employees, customers and shareholders. Over the years Gerry has given a number of lectures about creating effective communications at various conferences and events around the world.


Mike Hardaker has spent most of the last twenty years in the publishing industry, writing several million words for IT and lifestyle publications (along with seven books on business technology) before moving into management roles. He is now the chief executive of AngloINFO (UK) Limited, the publishing company he founded with his wife Wendy Wilson in 2000.

Over the years he has combined his media work with consultancy in places as diverse as the Sophia Antipolis

"technopolis" on the French Riviera and the townships of Cape Town. When not working he plays acoustic jazz guitar less well than he would like to and enjoys hiking trails inland from the Côte d'Azur.


Denys Laurence is Trinidadian by birth, Canadian by nationality, and French by residence. He has practised law in seven different countries, on both sides of the Atlantic; and during the last forty-two years, he has either owned or managed businesses in the insurance, gas and oil, mineral exploration, accounting, real estate and financial fields.

Being semi-retired since the beginning of 2003, he is now busier than ever before. The occupational and geographical variety he

has created in his life has qualified him well for his current part-time consulting appointment to The IMT Group of Companies as its "thinker".


Craig Marsh has a masters' degree in Classics from Oxford University. Following 2 years in the Royal Air Force he gained 10 years' experience in senior HR roles in BP and GEC, before joining Theseus in 1999 as Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour. His particular research interests are in the deployment of HRM in multicultural environments, the role of the manager in technical organizations, the management of individual performance, and the dynamics of creative teams.

His consulting, coaching and teaching work has included projects with Akzo Nobel, Andersen, Accenture, British Aerospace Systems, British Petroleum, ICL, ING, Orange, and Philips.

Craig has lived in the south of France for 7 years with his wife Karen and two children, Christopher and Sophie.

Joanna Murphy brings a wealth of practical organisational and development management to the team. She has a number of multi-million pound development programmes under her belt. Joanna is an expert in programme and technology driven change management within the publishing industry.

She recently managed the technology change programme within the Financial Times and has held senior roles with Pearson

Education, Addison Wesley Longman and Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Joanna is currently managing the development of a family alongside a number of business ventures!


Dushyant Patel is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and has in-depth international management experience at all levels, of many different types and sizes of businesses including derivatives trading, asset management, international trust companies, global employment planning and property. He has founded and managed several successful businesses and has long been a champion of creative thinking in business.

He is currently a director of several property companies and is based in London. Dushyant was born in Africa and has lived in the UK, USA, Bermuda, Jersey and France. An energetic, fun person with a good sense of humour. His varied personal interests include cricket, travelling, painting and the pursuit of inner peace.


Joel Stratte-McClure is an American journalist and writer; he attended Stanford University and the Columbia School of Journalism before leaving the United States in 1971. After working for "Business Week" magazine in France and Africa, he became the publisher of "The Paris Metro" magazine in 1977. After its demise, and until his return to California in 2004, he freelanced for a variety of American and international publications and was a frequent contributor to numerous books, radio and television programs.

His work has taken him to over one hundred countries and he is currently writing "Walking The Mediterranean: The Idiot and The Odyssey." The footloose tale is an account of his trek -- intended as a decade-long gallivant and midlife spiritual quest -- around the Mediterranean Sea.


Hanna Waite trained as an actress in the United Kingdom after having moved from her native Sweden in 1994. After a further move to the French Riviera where she taught acting at the Euro American Institute in Sophia Antipolis she decided to focus more on her passion for painting. She has now established herself as an outstanding artist and is a founder member of Maison des Arts and IntuThink.

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